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For the best in Women’s Climbing Shoes, check out Outdoor Equipped’s selection of Five Tens. We carry six styles, each with its own special features, so you can get exactly the kind of rock-climbing shoe you want. Adidas Five Ten’s Access Knit Climbing Shoes give novice climbers extra grip on rocks and boulders with a tough rubber sole while the uppers provide a snug, comfortable fit that makes these shoes easy to wear all day long. The Kirigamis are great for beginners, while the Anasazi LV Climbing Shoes sport synthetic soles and a roomier fit for intermediate climbers. The pro version includes a rubber toe and has a snugger fit. Five Ten’s Asym VCS shoes are constructed to give the climber better control and power on edges, while the Hiangles are for advanced climbers with superior technical skills. Make your next climb extra comfortable with a pair of LaCrosse Wool Socks — warm, soft and excellent at wicking away moisture.

Women's Climbing

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