Whether you’re an avid camper or taking your first foray into this fun and popular activity, you need the right footwear.

You might think that your hiking boots are all you’ll need out there, but that could be a painful lesson to learn. When you’re going camping, you need men's or women's camping shoes – but which kind? 

Figuring out which are the best camping shoes for your needs is easy, once you figure out a few basic pieces of information.


Camping Shoes vs. Hiking Shoes: What’s the Difference?

Hiking shoes and boots come in varying styles and designs but, ultimately, their purpose is to provide protection for your feet while keeping them as comfortable as possible on the trail. The best hiking boots for you will depend on the terrain you’ll be tackling, how much you’ll be climbing, whether you’ll be carrying a heavy pack, etc.

Once you’re done with the hike and heading back to the campsite, however, do you really want to keep wearing those? No, you definitely do not. Your feet need a chance to breathe and relax. Camping shoes let you do exactly that. Meanwhile, your hiking boots can dry out and you can clean up those feet and tend to any blisters or problems you developed on the trail.

Even if you don’t do a lot of hiking while on camping trips, you need the right footwear to handle the rigors your feet will face in the great outdoors.


What Good Camp Shoes Should Do for You

Think about what you do in and around the campsite. If you’re wilderness camping, you’ll have to do some walking about in varying weather conditions, dodging whatever rocks, logs, etc. might be in your path. For that, you’ll need a little stability and footwear that hangs on, come what may.

You’re likely to encounter water – streams, rain, etc. – and you definitely don’t want to deal with soggy shoes. You’ll be packing your campers in and out, so you don’t want anything too heavy. Finally, you don’t want to hassle to much with laces or fasteners, especially if you need to step out during the night to answer nature’s call.

This means your camping footwear should be fairly substantial yet light. They need to be waterproof and easy to get on and off. But, most of all, they need to fit your style and level of activity.


How to Pick the Best Camping Shoes for You

Liking hiking boots, camping footwear comes in many different styles, including shoes, boots, slippers, sandals, booties, clogs, flip-flops, and water shoes. The right choice for you depends on your camping style.

Are you more of a glamper? You might prefer a slipper, bootie, sandal, or flip-flop, especially if you’re going out in milder weather. If you’ll be navigating streams, creeks, rivers, lakes, etc., consider a water shoe. If you’re going out in more extreme weather conditions, a boot or wellie might be preferred. Or, if you want a more versatile design, consider a moccasin or loafer style, or even a pair of cross-trainers.

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