We’re right smack in the middle of some of the best hiking weather in the U.S. And with opportunities for entertainment being limited these days, hiking has become more popular than ever. So now is the time to make sure you have the best hiking boots, socks, jackets, pants and accessories to take full advantage of the season.

Hiking Safety

While hiking isn’t as dangerous as football or racecar driving, it is not without its risks, many of which can be avoided by proper planning and having the right gear.

Depending on where you are in the U.S., hiking trails in the fall can be muddy or covered in snow or ice. A slip and fall can be messy and inconvenient, or downright painful. Check trail conditions before heading out on a hike, let someone know where you’re going if you’re hiking alone, and wear solid, sturdy hiking boots with heavy tread such as women’s Danner hiking boots. Lightweight and comfortable yet rugged and strong, these boots are a reliable companion on the trail.

Hiking Comfort

Outdoor Equipped’s entire selection of hiking boots are made to be comfortable, with roomy toe boxes and insulated interiors to keep your feet warm and blister-free. But as all hikers know, socks matter, so treat yourself to the best and get a pair of Smartwool women's knee-high socks. Warm and stretchy, these knee-length socks keep your feet cushioned and toasty at the same time.

But hiking comfort isn’t just about what you’re wearing. Get a North Face Stormbreak footprint barrier to act as an extra layer of protection between you and the ground when you pitch your tent. It keeps you warmer and drier, and lengthens the life of your tent.

Hiking Style

Beanies keep your head warm while hiking in cold temps, but they don’t have to be ugly. Get a Smartwool beanie and pair it with a Tamburello vest in camo or pink. Add a pair of cute Smartwool gloves, and your ensemble is complete. If you can get a signal out on the trail, you won’t have to even take these gloves off to take a selfie on the mountaintop and post it to Instagram.

The Best in Outdoor Clothing

Whether you’re hiking, biking, climbing or skiing this season, know you can get all the outdoor gear you need right here at Outdoor Equipped. We’ve curated a selection of the best outdoor clothing from around the world to outfit you on all your treks and explorations. We’re available to answer questions about all our gear via online chat. Browse our selection and order today.