You’re at the farmer’s market with the kids. As you push the stroller between stalls, you spot some friends you haven’t seen in a while, their kids peering out from the wagon they’re pulling. So good to see you! We’re about to walk in the woods, you should join us! You look down at your kids. They’re tuckered out, and this stroller is not going to cut it for a walk in the woods. Any trip down the trail is going to be a struggle with rocks and bumps. You’re not prepared for this. 

You wake up in a cold sweat. Just a dream. Of course it was just a dream. You’d never find yourself in such an unprepared state - not with your Wonderfold. 

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Outdoor Equipped has Wonderfolds, everyone!

I’m tripping all over myself to tell you about the new generation of Wonderfold wagons that just landed at Outdoor Equipped. We’ve got both the Wonderfold W4 and the Wonderfold W4S 2.0. Never will you be faced with the nightmare scenario above, having to choose between stroller and wagon - or stuffing both of them in your trunk and carrying them around just in case. Wonderfolds are like Swiss army wagons; versatile and durable, they’re ready for anything. 

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What is Wonderfold?

Is the Wonderfold a stroller or a wagon? Yes. Whether you’re headed downtown for some shopping, to the playground or the park for a summer concert, or hitting the trails for a pleasant nature walk, bust out the Wonderfold stroller wagon and the world is your oyster. You can pull your kids classic wagon-style with the removable, stowable strap or you can push them with the handle. The 2.0 introduces an adjustable handle for extra convenience. And terrain is no problem. The Wonderfold has smooth caster-swivel front wheels and all-terrain EVA foam tires all around. Bring it all to a halt with the full-span one-step foot brake running along the back between the wheels. 

The Best Stroller and Collapsible Wagon 

The front end door zips open from the outside to allow easy in and out for kids and cargo. Honestly it’s like watching your precious angels dive through a doggy door; it’s adorable. I wouldn’t recommend letting them go up and over the sides, because the Wonderfold’s high walls and deep carriage really have some volume. This is no simple red wagon. Four kids can belt into the dual benches for a maximum carrying capacity of 300lb. The carriage is deep enough that they can stand safely inside or settle in and feel comfortably contained, and the sides have zippable mesh panels so the carriage never feels stuffy. And forget the umbrella stroller; the Wonderfold is a true beach wagon. Up top, the 2.0’s UV-protective canopy is highly adjustable. It raises, it lowers, it tilts forward and back - it even slides all the way from one side to the other so there's no angle the devious sun can get in if you don’t want it to. The original W4 canopy isn’t quite as fine-tuned; it’s removable and adjusts side-to-side, but not up and down. 

The benches themselves are totally adjustable - straighten them up so Tommy can engage with the world, or slide them down and let Phil and Lil lounge. The safety belts are five-point harnesses that are both secure and easy for you to engage quickly, especially with the 2.0’s magnetic auto-locking fastener. Or, take the benches out completely for that classic wagon feel. The 2.0 even allows you to rearrange the harnesses to accommodate fewer passengers along the centerline.  

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A Folding Wagon With a Place For Everything 

Storage is no problem. The W4 has big fore and aft packs and saddlebacks on both sides. The 2.0 has even more storage space, with a pack built into the door and another up by the handlebar with smaller pockets in it so you can stow tons of stuff. 

And speaking of stowing, the Wonderfold - true to its name - is a big stroller wagon that folds up… quite wonderfully! It’s a cinch to unlock, tuck into itself, and then lock again - so it doesn’t get all sloppy during transport and it stays sturdy when in use. 

The great thing about the Wonderfold is that between its large capacity and its high sides and safety features, it’s safe as a baby stroller and stays in the game as they grow. And of course, kids being kids, if someone gets muddy on the trail or spits up their breakfast of milk and rice krispies inside, no need to worry. Every part of the Wonderfold wagon  is washable. You can throw all the fabric components into the wash without worrying, and let them air dry. 

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Wonderfold Folding Wagons Available Now

The Wonderfold W4 and updated W4S 2.0 foldable wagon are both available now at Outdoor Equipped, so keep your plans open and don’t worry about finding a sitter. From the farmer’s market to the trail, you can push or pull the rug-rats all over the outdoors in a tough modern-day buggy.