The world looks different through a pair of Oakley sunglasses. There are lots of sunglass brands out there, but few compare to Oakley for quality. Only Ray-ban is a more recognizable luxury sunglasses name.


Oakley has been manufacturing world-class sunglasses since 1984, when founder Jim Jannard released his Factory Pilot Eyeshades. Originally a motorcycle brand, Oakley understood the need for performance eyewear that stays put on your face. The company took technology it had originally developed for motorcycle grips and adapted it to make high-friction earsocks that grip your head.

Oakley sunglasses were so successful that that they have become the brand’s flagship product, although Oakley still sells lots of other gear. The company owns some 600 patents for sunglasses, and the Oakley name has become a synonym for premium shades.

Many top athletes wear Oakleys, including Lance Armstrong and 52 medalists in the 2008 Winter Olympics. Oakleys are glasses of choice for world-famous cyclists, tennis players, bikers, hikers, skiers, and climbers. Oakley sunglasses are easily the best bet for athletes thanks to their durability and strength.

As you might expect from a luxury brand, the price of Oakley sunglasses can run a little high. A good pair of Oakleys will typically set you back between 100 and 200 dollars. But if you’re wondering if they’re worth it, the answer is absolutely. Here are four good reasons to shell out for Oakley shades.

Womens Oakley Sunglasses

1.   Oakley frames can take a beating like Muhammad Ali

Every pair of Oakley glasses is tested to exceed the highest ANSI standard for high-velocity impact, so you should be good if you take a football to the face. Oakley’s M-Frame glasses are additionally safety rated as shooting or industrial safety glasses.

2.   Oakley lenses shrug off scrapes, spots, and streaks

In addition to robust frames, Oakleys also boast lenses that stand up to abuse. Oakleys filter harmful ultraviolet rays through the lens rather than through a coating on the surface, so you can’t lose your protection even if your scratch-resistant lenses somehow get scratched or scraped.

Some Oakley lenses also include a hydrophobic coating that prevents sweat, rain, or even lotion and sunscreen from leaving spots or streaks. If you’ve ever owned a pair of non-Oakley sunglasses, you know what a hassle constantly cleaning your sunglasses can be.

When it comes to style, Oakley has carved out a definite space for itself in the industry. Oakleys are an innovative mix of creativity and excellence while keeping in mind the latest trends. They are delicately, carefully made, catering to the needs of consumers. The sunglasses are stylish and elegant at the same time. So, in a nutshell, we can say that they are good-looking sunglasses that feel great on your face.

Mens Oakley Sunglasses


3.   Oakleys let you see in HD

Oakley’s High Definition Optics (HDO) technology prevents dust or grime from sticking to the lens. Its Switchlock technology allows for quick replacement of lenses should your lenses get damaged or your prescription change. Oakley lenses are available in polarized and glare-reducing versions, and all Oakley lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light rays.

Oakley has also designed its lenses with XYZ Optics technology to wrap lenses around your face without blocking or distorting peripheral vision. Whether you’re an athlete or just driving on the highway, you need to be able to see out of the corners of your eyes.


Oakley is one of the biggest and most trusted brands in the sunglasses space. Oakleys are made with great sophistication and precision. For comfort, style, durability, and clarity of vision, no other brand can compete.

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