Modest swimwear

It’s summer, which means it’s time to hit the water. Whether you pack up the cooler and head for the beach, a swimming hole, or the pool, swimming is not just a fun way to cool off, but literally one of the healthiest activities out there. It’s great for cardiovascular health, therapeutic for folks with chronic diseases from arthritis to diabetes, and it’s a full-body workout that utilizes those overlooked stabilizer muscles. 

But swimming season also means figuring out what to wear. A good swimsuit is hard to find - one that ticks all your boxes, fits just right, and looks great. I can’t be the only one who agonizes over finding swimwear that’s just right. There’s a unique vulnerability to wearing swimsuits. Boardshorts, jammers, or briefs? One-piece, tankini, or bikini? How much do they cover? How much extra material am I going to be dragging through the water? Do I really need pockets? And don’t even get me started on the patterns. 

We all know Nike; the swoosh is one of the most recognizable symbols on planet Earth, synonymous with athletic shoes. You might not immediately think of swimwear when you think Nike. But you should. Nike Swim is a relative newcomer to the swimwear game, but they’re blowing the competition out of the water. Their swimwear is high-quality and thoughtfully-designed. Made with durable, low-absorbency Hydrastrong material, Nike Swim’s designs allow you to swim freely without feeling confined or dragging. Hydrastrong is a strong, elastic, non-fading, and chlorine- and water-resistant fabric. It’s also super quick-drying, so you don’t stay damp for hours after a quick dip. And it’s available in a variety of styles, so whether you’re training for a triathlon, snorkeling, surfing, or playing volleyball or water polo, they’ve got something that fits just right. 

Swim Briefs and Trunks for Men

Mens swim brief


Let’s start with the basics. For your classic men and boys swim trunks, we’ve got the Nike Swim Solid Lap 9” Volley Short. Not too long, not too short, these volley shorts have a stretchy waistband and pull-string closure so they’ll stay securely on when you finally get up the courage for the high-dive. Their mesh is strong and supportive, and the pockets are made to shed water, too, so they don’t keep popping out like some trunks do. 

For all you lap-swimmers out there, Nike Swim’s Men’s Vex Swimming Briefs are probably going to be more your speed. Sleek, super strong, and chlorine-resistant, these things will last. They won’t fade or get stretched out with use. They’re even made with ultra-flat seams to prevent chafing. 

Me, I like the middle ground here. Nike Swim’s Men’s Vex Jammer is sleek and stylish, form-fitting but not confining. The front gusset provides extra support and comfort, and it’s got those great non-chafing flat seams. I even love the understated color swoosh. Fellas, this is it. 


One - and Two-Piece Swimsuits for Women  

nike swim

Not to leave women high and dry, this is where Nike Swim has really made a name for itself. Their women’s one-pieces are spectacularly well-made and versatile. The Pixel Party Spiderback One-Piece is supportive, minimal, and looks great. It’s spiderback design and skinny straps hold tight when you’re cutting through the water. It’s fully-lined and flat-seamed for maximum comfort, and made top to bottom with Nike Swim’s Hydrastrong fabric so it’s breathable, dries fast out of the water, and won’t fade in chlorine or in the sun. 

Or maybe you prefer to choose from Nike’s Swim’s mix-and-match bikini and tankini tops and bottoms? Their V-Neck Tankini top is minimalist while still providing the coverage you’re looking for, with standard straps for support and comfort. It’s fully-lined and flat seamed, and the design really showcases the Hydrastrong fabric’s many benefits. It’s built with secure cup stabilizer pockets so there are no unwanted distractions, and even has removable soft cups for some extra coverage and comfort if so desired.  

For those looking for a more minimalist design, jump into the front lines with Nike Swim’s Camo T-Back Bikini Top and Bikini Bottom. They look great, give full range of motion, and feature all of Nike Swim’s innovative designs like Hydrastrong. 

Secure Fits For You to Hang Loose

We all head for the water for different reasons. We’re all looking for something different from our swimwear. An Olympic swimmer is going to have different priorities - and different coverage preferences - from me and my relaxing dip in the waves to cool off between hamburgers. But there are certain universal requirements that make good swimwear. Durability, water-resistance, a secure and comfortable fit - these are as important to Katie Ledecky and Team USA as they are to those of us who favor a lazy river, and with that figured out, the quest for the perfect swimwear is much easier to tackle. Whether it's rigorous training suits or relaxing beachwear, picking the right swimwear doesn’t have to be complicated or riddled with anxiety. With thoughtful design and Hydrastrong fabric as its base, Nike Swim has really done a great job of assembling a line-up of swimsuits and shorts that stand up to wear and look great. All that’s left is picking the cut and style that feels right for you and your lifestyle.