High visibility clothing has two overlapping purposes: make the wearer seen, and in doing that, make the wearer safe. High-visibility workwear, also called hi-vis, hi-viz, and HVSA (high visibility safety apparel), is available in four colors: green, yellow, orange, and red. These colors don’t just get attention because they’re bright, but also because they’re colors associated with warnings. They are faster to notice and help people make faster decisions that prevent injuries.

HVSA Clothing

Class E, or Enhanced Visibility Clothing

If you’re a deck hand on a commercial fishing boat or sailing in a crew, working in a metal shop, lumber yard, construction, or forestry, then you may only need a hi vis color without the reflective tape. Technically, these are called enhanced visibility clothes or Class E, rather than hi vis, if worn without reflective clothing. Whether you’re looking for an enhanced vis, non-reflective, Helly Hansen hi-vis hat, Viking rain coat, a puncture-resistant Viking jacket, or an Arborwear hi-viz sweatshirt used on construction sites, then Outdoor Equipped has what you need.

If you’re working an area with road traffic or just want to be sure you’re seen, then you’ll want OSHA and ANSI approved work clothes, including ANSI vests, ASNI Bibs, ANSI Jackets, ANSI pants, and ANSI shirts. There are three classes of ANSI-approved apparel, but all have one common element: they all include highly reflective materials that keep wearers safe even at night, dusk, and dawn, when visibility is most challenging and when bright colors alone may not be enough to protect you. These hi vis clothes are rated both according to the amount of high-contrast material they include and according to the amount of reflective material, or, as it’s often called, retroreflective material since it bounces light back from a non-solar light source, like headlights. HVSA is essential for construction zones and other work zones.


Class 1 safety clothes are used to differentiate the wearer from non-complex environments, so they don’t require a lot of reflective material. They’re typically used in low traffic that doesn’t exceed 25 MPH. They’re often used by parking lot attendants, roadside assistance drivers, and delivery drivers, but they’re good for anyone who needs to stand out, like bicyclists, surveyors, warehouse workers, and truck drivers.


Class 2 vests, bibs, jackets, and other clothes are generally worn in high traffic areas, but where the wearer can keep a safe distance from it. Toll booth operators, airport workers, and forest workers often wear ANSI Class 2 apparel. We offer ANSI 2 waterproof bibs that will keep you warm, comfortable, and safe.

 ANSI Hi Vis


ANSI Class 3 jackets, bibs, and sweatshirts are ideal for EMS (emergency response services), road crews, and interstate maintenance where the federal government mandates OSHA safety requirements and where traffic travels in excess of 50 MPH.

All of our hi vis garments are known for safety and comfort: Helly Hansen Workwear, born by the punishing Norwegian sea; Arborwear, whose appeal extends well beyond trees; and Viking, whose reputation for comfortable and safe hi vis workwear is known in a host of industries, such as fishing, construction, agriculture, mining, forestry, and fire fighting. These brands' hi-viz flame-resistant jackets, vests, and bibs are simply unparalleled. Viking's safety clothes are every bit as tough as their namesake, who traveled in the harshest weather and most punishing conditions.

You’re safe shopping with Outdoor Equipped; our returns policy is among the best there is. And for the best fit, see our sizing charts from Arborwear and Helly-Hansen