We get it - you like your pants. Lightweight hiking pants or insulated bibs that shed water, camo hunting pants with lots of cargo pockets, even your favorite pair of jeans - they serve you well and they’re comfortable. But if you’re serious about getting out in the elements - whether you’re slinging mud in your ATV, hunting game, or fishing steelhead on the stream, eventually you’re going to need a good pair of waders. Sure, they’re bulkier than your pants - bulkier even than most hunting bibs. But they’re absolutely worth it, must-haves in a lot of the dicier conditions you’re confronted with out there. The key is to find the pair that checks all the boxes of your needs. Luckily, wader tech has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years. Gator Waders have been at the forefront of these advancements, trying out new materials and techniques to squeeze every bit of utility out of every pair of waders they develop. Here are a few reasons we’re confident that Gator Waders has what you’re looking for from waders for off-roading, fishing, and hunting. 

1 - Durability Makes the Best Waders


If there is a theme to this blog, a constant drumbeat that guides how we review outdoor gear, it is the guiding light of Durability. We don’t do fast fashion at Outdoor Equipped; outdoor apparel should be built to last and designed with wear and tear in mind. Gator Waders comes to play with multiple layers of lightweight puncture-resistant fabric toped off with their Gator-Flex puncture-resistant waterproof outer shell, a kevlar-like blend of materials designed to shrug off rocks and scrapes, thorns and branches poking you in the sides and pulling at you, without ripping. Their base Uninsulated Swamp Waders, designed in particular for ATV mudding, sport 3-layers of material, double-stitched and dual-sealed at all the seams, and reinforced with an extra layer running from your butt down the legs and including the gaitors around the boots. The Shield Insulated Hunting Waders start with four puncture-resistant layers. 

2 - Better Fit Than Neoprene Waders 


These layers of tough waterproof material are key to Gator Waders’ success with outdoor enthusiasts. Traditional waders are made with neoprene. Neoprene does a great job of waterproofing, and with the right design, they can be quite breathable at the same time. But boy, are neoprene waders baggy. They’re great for standing in a cold stream with your fly, keeping you dry and toasty, but once you start moving around in them, they’re exhausting - heavy, bunching, and straight-up awkward. Gator Waders accomplishes the same effect with strategic layering of specific materials that are much lighter, so for instance their Omega Uninsulated hunting waders keep everything much more form-fitting and easy to maneuver while sacrificing none of the waterproofing abilities of something made from neoprene. You’ll have no problems taking big strides over obstacles and reaching across chasms in these. It passes the squat test with flying colors, allowing you full range and bend at the knees, and easy balance crouched down low. The adjustable waist belt lets you bring it in as much as you’d like, keeping everything right where it needs to be. What’s more, the well-fitting material keeps temperature better-regulated and excels at pulling your sweat away from your body and wicking it away. 

3 - Breathable Waders = More Comfort, Less Stink 


Look, I’m just going to say it: it’s basically magic and I don’t completely understand how it works because we’re not chemists over here, but it does work. Wearing the Omega Uninsulated hunting waders in three feet of water is kind of an unreal experience because here you are, completely dry in standing water and you can almost feel the wind through them. The Gator-Flex shell holds liquid water at bay outside while allowing water vaper to breathe out from your body. Those strategic layers I mentioned start on the inside with a quilted wicking liner that pulls sweat away from your body and starts the process of getting rid of it so you’re not stewing while you wait for waterfowl to pay you a visit they’ll regret. That moisture is pulled through the vapor-permeable membrane and passes out like air through the abrasion-resistant shell, fending off any discomfort and stink. 

4 - Great Insulation Up Top, Equally Insulated Fly Fishing Boots Down Below


At the other end of the spectrum, you don’t want your waders to let in the cold of late hunting season or icy streams. This is where Gator Waders really sets itself apart from the crowd, with their Shield Insulated Hunting Waders. And when they say insulated, they are not kidding. These babies aren’t for the warmer months. This crown jewel of their lineup features four full layers of material up top, starting with quilted thermal cotton insulation, with 900D reinforcement running from the seat down through the gaiters. (D)enier is a way of measuring the thickness of threads used in fabric, with something like a hiking backpack clocking in at around 600D, to give you a sense of what 900D means for these waders. Down below, the insulated waders feature impressive 1600g (again, a lot) insulated boots to keep your feet warm on cold mornings in autumn and winter. The handwarmer pockets are roomy enough for gloved hands and high enough to stay up and out of the drink, lined with soft fleece. 

5 - We’re Talking Real Insulated Hunting Boots 

Calling these waders’ footwear “booties” does a real disservice to them. These things are not an afterthought, but are built fully and seamlessly into the whole, designed to do any heavy cross-country lifting you need them for. Tough rubber boots in their own right with a steel shank so they flex and hold their shape over harsh terrain, they’re tailor-made for use in mud and water. Their outsole is inspired by ATM mud tires, with a clipped heel and wide wrap to prevent dragging, and deep lugs designed for biting into mud and gravel and shedding it quickly with every step so it doesn’t stay caked in there. The heavy-duty gaitor even features a clever grit guard to flush out gravel and other stream debris so it doesn’t build up while you wade in the current. 

6 - Camo Waders or Mudding Waders, Unbeatable Attention to Detail 

With Gator Wader, it’s as much about the little things as the major tech advances outlined above. Little things like those grit guards go a long way to building unbeatable waders. In addition to those high-up handwarmer pockets, Gator Waders come with closable chest pockets for stowing your belongings. The Omega Uninsulated waders utilize a heavy-duty zip-lock chest pocket that flips out for access and then flips back in, safe and out of the way. The Shield Insulated waders take a different tack, with a magnetic-closing flap set high on the chest. While not as absolutely waterproofed as the zip-lock inside pocket, it’ll protect your stuff from splashes, and it’s super easy to reach, allowing you to easily stow and retrieve your effects with one gloved hand. If you hunt with a shotgun, Gator Waders has even thoughtfully included six shell-holders front and center for quick access. 


The shoulder straps speak to the thoughtfulness of their designs, too. The Swamp Offroad Waders have an easy hook-and-ladder adjustment system, reasonably secure and very easy to adjust on the go. The hunting models opt for a more heavy-duty fastener, but the straps are still easily adjustable in the front, without reaching, letting you convert from waist-high to chest-high and back quickly, depending on need. 

Gator Waders make use of a variety of colors in their waders, bright and understated. For the hunters, they come in a number of camouflage patterns, including Reeltree Timber and Max-5 and the ever-popular Mossy Oak Bottomland patterns, to meet the needs of your particular hunting grounds. 

Hunting Jackets and Fishing Boots: Honorable Mentions 


Gator Waders has you covered up top, too, with their Waterproof Half-Zip Bog Hoodie. Like the waders, this jacket was developed with the nastiest conditions in mind. It’s crafted with the same layered durable waterproofing as their waders, as well as fleece lining inside to keep you warm. It’s got limited openings for water to get in and an adjustable contour hood to seal you in comfortably without sacrificing peripheral vision. Like the waders, the Bog Hoodie’s handwarmer pockets and accessory pocket are all placed high above the water line to keep out errant splashes. 


Finally, I’d be remiss not to mention Gator Waders boots, for waterproofing your feet when you’re not using your waders. Their Camp Boots and Deck Boots are 100% waterproof and slip-resistant for the wet deck of a fishing boat, warm and lightweight, reinforced with the durability Gator Waders specializes in. 

Long-Lasting Mudding, Hunting & Fishing Value 

Gator Waders line of off-roading, fishing, and hunting waders aren’t cheap, disposable pieces, but serious outdoor gear meant to carry you dependable through season after season without losing their effectiveness. It’s why the brand’s been growing like gangbusters over the last few years; word-of-mouth from hunters and outdoorsmen who swear by them is pointing the way. We love them, and we know you will too. 



Uninsulated Swamp (Offroad) - The Uninsulated Swamp Offroad Waders keep you protected and dry without making you sweat. These waders feature a breathable lightweight body with reinforced legs to keep you cool and protected, mud-tire inspired rubber boots for durability, a flip-out internal dry goods pocket for all your necessities, and a mud rider cut for comfort. The Uninsulated Swamp Waders also feature a new hook & ladder easy-strap adjustment system with heavy-duty straps. Gone are the days of reaching over your shoulder trying to adjust the straps to the right level and it being a pain. Simply hook in the section on the ladder that is most comfortable for you and you’re done! (MILD rating) 

  • Hook & ladder easy strap adjustment system
  • Flip-out internal dry goods pocket
  • Mud rider cut for comfort
  • 3-layer breathable body
  • 4-layer breathable reinforced legs
  • Mud tire inspired rubber boots
  • 1.5" heavy-duty elastic straps
  • 100% waterproof


Omega Uninsulated (hunting) - The Omega Waders were designed to bring simplicity and dependability to the field, duck hole, or blind –  offering everything you need and nothing you don't. The Uninsulated Omega Waders feature a four (4) layer breathable polyester exterior that is 100% waterproof and has our new Gator-Flex breathable fabric – our strongest and most durable outer shell yet. They also have an 800g insulated boot with reinforced exterior rubber and aggressive tread, and a waterproof zipper chest pocket. The Omegas are double-stitched and have dual-sealed two-layer seal taped seams making them unmatched in protection even in the most extreme hunting environments. (MILD rating) 

  • 4 layer breathable polyester exterior on body
  • 800g insulated boot with reinforced exterior rubber and aggressive tread
  • 100% waterproof membrane
  • Gator-Flex breathable exterior fabric
  • Double-stitched and dual-sealed two-layer seal taped seams
  • Waterproof zipper chest pocket
  • Fleece-lined internal handwarmer pocket
  • Heavy-duty elastic shoulder straps and belt


Shield Insulated Waders - Shield Breathable Insulated Waders bring reliable comfort to the field, duck hole, or blind. Gator Waders Shield Waders feature a four (4) layer breathable polyester exterior, a 100% waterproof membrane, 1600g insulated boot with reinforced exterior rubber and aggressive tread, and quilted thermal cotton insulation to provide warmth that shields you from the elements but still breathes. Our double-stitched and dual-sealed two-layer seal taped seams combined with a reinforced rear seat and leg gaiters make the Shield Waders unmatched in protection even in the most extreme hunting environments. (ARCTIC rating) 

  • 4 layer breathable polyester exterior on body
  • 900D reinforced rear seat and leg gaiters
  • 1600g insulated boot with reinforced exterior rubber and aggressive tread
  • Quilted thermal cotton insulated lining
  • Double-stitched and dual-sealed two-layer seal taped seams
  • Magnetic chest pocket
  • Fleece-lined handwarmer pocket
  • Heavy-duty elastic shoulder straps and belt


Half-Zip Bog Hoodie - The Gator Waders Bog Hoodie was developed to withstand the nastiest of conditions: cold, wet, and mud. With no body zippers to let in mud or water, a coral fleece lined body for comfort and warmth, insulated arm padding for frictionless on and off, a re-designed contoured adjustable hood for greater peripheral vision, and our new rubber internal cuff system, the Bog Hoodie will keep you warm and dry in almost any outdoor environment. Thoughtful details like handwarmer pockets placed high to sit above your wader bib and a quick access accessory front pocket make this an essential piece for all of your outdoor adventures. (ARCTIC rating) 

  • 100% Waterproof & Windproof Polyester exterior shell
  • Coral fleece lined body and and handwarmer pockets
  • Insulated arm padding for frictionless on and off
  • Rubber internal cuff system
  • Mid torso accessory pocket
  • Two main lower zipper pockets
  • Contoured adjustable hood for greater peripheral vision


Camp Boots (Womens) - Don't sacrifice comfort to keep your feet dry. Our Camp Boots feature an interior neoprene-lining for comfort and warmth, while the 100% waterproof rubber outer layer keeps your feet dry. Experience ultra-durability and protection with scuff and slip-resistant outsoles and reinforced heels and toes. (COLD rating) 

  • Scuff and slip resistant outsoles
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Neoprene lined for extra comfort and warmth
  • Durable rubber with reinforced heels and toes
  • Coordinating grosgrain pull tab for easy on and off


Unreal how much they breathe - “you can almost feel the wind through them” but no water - and no sweat, because they breathe so well

  • Gator Waders
  • Pricy
  • Fit really well
  • Not neoprene(?) so they’re not as baggy, easier to get in and out
  • Impressive 1600g insulated boots
  • Shotgun shell holder up front good for little flashlights at well
  • Insulated. Breathable. Waterproof (to chest, but beware of handwarmer pocket)
  • When they say insulated they do mean insulated!
  • Temperature rating on gatorwaders website - use it!
  • Magnetic flap way better than zipper, much easier one-hand and quicker