Finding that perfect running shoe, sneaker, or tennis shoe can be difficult. Whether you’re a walker, runner, sprinter, hiker – you name it, Altra has the shoe for your adventure. In Latin, Altra means “to fix something that is broken.” And while Altra might not be able to heal injuries, it can certainly prevent them, thanks to its supportive designs, balanced cushioning, and gender-specific structures, as well as other innovative technologies.


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The Altra Running Shoes Difference

Altra running shoes provide runners with excellent support, but without being bulky or heavy. The toe-box reduces overpronation. It’s designed to mimic a toe in a fitted sock, allowing toes to ‘splay’ naturally rather than being confined or crushed by an inelastic shoe. A 2018 study by the American Family of Physicians concluded that having extra space at the forefront of the shoe prevents many common foot injuries. Extra room in the toe-box can significantly reduce "interdigital" (i.e. toe) and plantar pressure and in doing so, reduce lower limb injury.

Unlike running shoes that position the heel above the foot, Altra shoes employ balanced cushioning, which aligns the heel and forefoot. Altra is the only shoe to have total Zero Drop cushioning, promoting high impact and natural anatomical movement as opposed to a strained heel-landing gait. Another study in the Journal of Sport and Health Science shows a lower risk of injury reported for "forefoot strikers" (runners who strike the ground with the front of their foot first) as opposed to "rear-foot strikers." The Zero Drop running shoe technology facilitates forefront striking guidance--improving running technique--and thereby preventing injury. The U.S Department of Health and Human Services suggests that increased toe room is an essential feature for fitness shoes--for people of all ages.

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A Shoe with Her in Mind: The Best Running Shoes for Women?

Altra may very well make the best running shoes for men as well, but since  Altra shoes for women include a host of gender-specific technology, they're naturally serious contenders in any "best in class" list. Altra's FIT4HER initiative resulted in the first running shoe designed specifically for female anatomy. Altra women's shoes include narrow heels and mid-foot, higher steeps, and extended arches. Altra separates their line of women and mens running shoes, making shoes such as their women's trail running shoes, easy to find and understand. Studies suggest that women might have increased risk factors while running, compared to men, because of comparatively weak peak breaking force (PBF) and anatomical differences. Since Altra's womens shoes are designed to fit female feet, they reduce these risk factors, promoting a healthy gait.

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Shoes for Any Terrain: Trail Running Shoes and Road Running Shoes

Rock plates line the sole of the shoe, providing stability, comfort, and protection when rocks, sticks, and other debris might be underfoot. Altra has the shoes for every running adventure, including Altra trail shoes, such as Altra Lone Peak. But if you're looking for a road running shoe, Altra Escalante may be the perfect choice. Pair these shoes with running apparel--such as running jackets, running shorts, and running shirts--from your favorite brands.

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