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TYR Sport Women's Hurricane Category 3 Triathlon Long Sleeve Wetsuit

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Product Description

The Category 3 is constructed with advanced 100% Yamamoto 38 Cell Nano SCS Rubber, which is super sleek and flexible. Besides the fabric, the suit boasts many of the same cutting-edge features as the Category 5 and Freak of Nature suits, but at a fraction of the cost. Features include elevation panels, alpha catch panels, speed wrap paneling, ROM zones, anti-microbial lining and quick-release ankle and wrist cuffs.

  • 360 Degree Core Stabilization System: Five core stabilization panels precisely target the muscle groups to elevate the swimmer ensuring optimal body position and preservation of core strength over the long-term of the swimming race.
  • Free R.O.M. Zones: Eliminates constriction
  • allowing the swimmer to achieve a long reach while placing no strain on the shoulder.
  • Speed Wrap Paneling: Employing the lightest Yamamoto Nano SCS Coated 5mm neoprene panels throughout the entire leg
  • chest