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TYR Sport Men's Hurricane Freak Of Nature Wetsuit

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Product Description

The pinnacle of wetsuit performance, the Hurricane Freak of Nature Wetsuit is constructed of 100% Yamamoto 40 Cell Neoprene. Featuring remarkable stretch-and-return capacity, The Freak (as we affectionately call it), has been referred to as an Engineering Marvel by the triathlon industry and is incomparably soft and pliant. Designed for speed in the water, the Hurricane Freak Of Nature showcases an arsenal of acceleration-driving, buoyancy-boosting and power-enhancing features. Elevate your swim and speed up your transition, with Speed Wrap Paneling, Free ROM Zones, Graded Force Catch Panels and Quick release Ankle Cuffs. Calculated, calibrated and repeatedly revised until we reached the absolute limit of Range Of Motion, the Freak Of Nature Wetsuit features a stunning 7X stretch factor. There is no question that the FON will be the fastest wetsuit you have ever worn.

  • Fabric:?100% Yamamoto 40 Cell Neoprene
  • V-GCP V-Shaped graded force catch panels
  • Speed Wrap Paneling
  • ROM Zones and 360 Degree Core Stabilization
  • Quick Release Ankle Cuffs