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TYR Sport Catalyst Contour Training Paddles

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Product Description

Engineered for training on all levels, the Catalyst Contour Paddles follow the form of an athlete's palm to provide a natural swim experience when training. Designed to build strength and improve technique, the curved surface of the LCATC paddles guide the arm through the stroke to accentuate a proper form and maximize your training regiment. A proper stroke with the Catalyst Contour Paddle guides the arm straight back through the water with minimal resistance, building muscle memory for proper alignment. In contrast, an improper stroke will be exaggerated and the arm will be thrown off course. Showcasing Polypropylene construction and multiple lacing options, the Catalyst Contour Paddles offer the perfect balance between impact resistance, flexibility and fit.

  • Made of durable and flexible polypropylene
  • Polypropylene material is flexible and durable
  • Convex plane contours to the form of an athlete?s palm
  • providing a very natural swim experience
  • Concave underside accentuates proper stroke by keeping hand in-line when correct