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Mammut Women's MTR 201-II Max Low Shoe

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Product Description

The winning shoe for long ultra-trails! The MTR 201-II Max is lightweight and has excellent cushioning. The wedge, which is made from a 22/28mm D3O® EVA blend, cushions, supports and rebounds. It also provides prone and supine support as needed. This is achieved by using a stronger, more robust frame structure made from D3O®, which features high rebound and softer EVA in the core with the integrated patented Rolling Concept®. This competition shoe also has the aggressive gripex™ Sonar tech sole with integrated Sonar technology, Base Fit Advanced® with improved efficiency, memo foam, VentTech™ and FeetMap, as well as the handy Advanced MTR Speed Lace System.

  • Long Distance Mountain Trail Running
  • Performance Mountain Trail Running
  • Efficient lace system produces the perfect symbiosis of foot and shoe: direct power transmission from laces to half-sock for hold, precision and reduced blistering.
  • Efficient, precise speed lace system. Elastic loops hold laces in lace zone
  • Patented Mammut sole concept: The support and cushioning encourage the foot’s natural rolling movement and consequently reduce fatigue and the danger of twisting your ankle.
  • Honeycomb-structured, multi-layer liner fabric with high level of moisture absorption and low drying time. Provides abrasion resistance and cushioning.
  • Consisting of a blend of EVA & PU, the cushioning D3O® material offers great robustness combined with an impressively light weight.The foam mix provides exceptional lasting cushioning together with maximum rebound.
  • Sonar Technology