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Mammut Men's Sloper Low Canvas Shoe

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Product Description

Super-lightweight and super-packable multifunctional shoe that is a secure and comfortable companion for travel, everyday life, and as a casual shoe after intense bouldering and sports climbing events. Folding down the heel creates a well-ventilated clog. The robust double-layered canvas fabric creates a comfortable foot climate, the tongue, which is fixed on one side, remains centered and the gripex Logo sole grips well and leaves Mammut footprints.

  • Lining and padding system takes account of the different areas of the foot to ensure less perspiration, less cold and prevention of pressure points.
  • The elastic heel cap can be folded down or up depending on the situation. This allows the shoe to worn as a fully fledged low cut version or an airy clog.
  • Cushioning element made from two materials with different levels of softness.
  • Board lasting

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