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Blue Mermaid Life

Xtratuf Women's Salmon Sisters Legacy Boot

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XTRATUF’s Women’s Legacy Boot offers flexible, all-day comfort with excellent slip-resistance to provide sure-footed traction. Designed Specifically for a Woman’s Fit. Featuring original prints designed by two young Alaskan Fishermen inspired by the wilderness of Alaska and the sustainable fisheries of the North Pacific, this version will feature the Mermaid Life design.

  • ACID AND CHEMICAL RESISTANT: XTRATUF dipped neoprene footwear is triple-dipped to create a seamless coating of rubber that is highly resistant to many organic and inorganic acids and chemicals. Vulcanizing further seals and strengthens this superior watertight material.
  • CONFORT & FLEXIBILITY: Neoprene Latex Rubber Neoprene latex rubber is softer, lighter and far more pliable than ordinary rubber, making neoprene boots more comfortable and flexible
  • HAND LAYERED CONSTRUCTION: Hand-layered construction allows flex and strength at critical stress points
  • CONFORT: Cushioned insoles with arch support help fight fatigue and stress on the legs and back.
  • SLIP-RESISTANT: SRA Non-marking Chevron outsole made from an exclusive rubber compound grips the floor surface for a sure footing
  • 100% WATERPROOF: Full rubber 100% waterproof construction keeps feet dry all day long