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Twisted X, created in 2005, made its name in the industry with unparalleled western boot designs: as rugged and durable as the brand’s barbed wire logo suggests, but also boasting stability, lasting comfort, breathability, and alluring patterns and colors. Twisted X marries technology and tradition. Their use of technology has led to improvements in tanning processes and to the production and utilization of lightweight, breathable materials. Twisted X has greatly expanded its product offerings since its initial western boots. Now they also design and manufacture casual shoes, including eco-friendly loafers, sandals, not to mention their iconic driving mocs, which are considered among the best of their kind in the footwear market space. Twisted X has made a major commitment to sustainability, and won significant industry awards for these efforts. We at Outdoor Equipped are very pleased to offer a wide selection of Twisted X shoes, boots, and driving mocs.

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