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Oakley has been making sunglasses, goggles and protective eyewear since 1975, but the product really took off in the ’90s when the company made use of one of the first 3-D printers. Since then, Oakley has become famous for their sunglasses’ comfortable design and ability to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays while allowing for crisp, clear vision. For this reason, Oakleys are a favorite among athletes and have been famously worn by top tennis players and Tour de France winners. They’re popular with recreational biking enthusiasts, hikers, climbers and anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. These designer sunglasses are known for standing up to rigorous testing, so you know you’re getting a durable, quality product. A famous perk of buying Oakleys is that you can have your eyeglasses prescription incorporated in the lenses, and you can often customize the color of the lenses and the frames.



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