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Grundéns Men's Night Watch 2.0 Insulated Puffy Jacket

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The all new Nightwatch 2.0 offers an extensive update to our existing Nightwatch Puffy jacket. We've made updates to both the fit and performance of the jacket to improve upon one of our customer's favorite products. To start, the new Nightwatch 2.0 is made with ecofriendly Sustans fill using a hightech biobased fiber from DuPont Sorona. It is the first biobased heat retention material used for coldweather gear in the textile market and is made from a renewable plantbased material. The warmth retention of Sustans is onpar with natural down and you will immediately notice the additional loftiness and warmth of the updated style. The jacket itself is made from a 100% nylon miniripstop fabric with a DWR coating on both the inside and outside of shell fabric to offer a little extra water repellency when you get caught without an additional waterproof layer. We've also included an internal pocket that acts as a packable selfstowing pocket for the jacket. All of this combined with Grundéns traditional performance and durability has created an unbeatable combination.

  • 80g Ecofriendly Sustans fill
  • Biobased fiber from DuPont Sorona
  • 100% nylon miniripstop fabric
  • DWR coating
  • Internal pocket