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About Clarks

We have a long-established tradition of making great shoes. We are also renowned innovators. Combine our knowledge of what makes the best shoes with our vision for what will make shoes even better, and you have what Clarks is – and should be – all about.

In the shoes we make, we can take the spirit of what Clarks is  and make this into a reality for all ages, through autumn and winter 2017 and beyond. Our shoes have a sense of free-mindedness and liberty, thanks to our designers. Thanks also to their craftsmanship, our shoes have enhanced performance. We are not about fashion. The opposite, in fact. Our shoes are contemporary and about setting you free, rather than making sure you comply with the latest “new thing”.

 Fashions come. Fashions go. At the same time we are still Clarks. And Clarks should always be about the shoes. Our shoes; they symbolize who we are. They set us apart from others. They define us. They are what we do best. Now and in the future.