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About Bulwark

At Bulwark, we put our "iQ Thinking" caps on every day; and reimagine every aspect of our business, and the FR industry as a whole. Because at the end of the day, real lives are on the line. And it's our pledge to do all we can to protect them. No Compromise. The result? A relentless drive to design, develop and distribute the best, most forward-thinking FR garments the world has ever seen.

Bulwark brings 44 years of frontline experience to the realities you face every day. Helping you navigate an ever-changing sea of standards. Surrounding you with ideas, illustrations and alerts that help you make safety a shared priority. And offering the finest FR apparel, and FR education programs, the world has ever seen. So when you see our triangle on your left, know you’ve done everything right. Because with Bulwark – You. Are. Armed – literally. And figuratively. With the world’s best.

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