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Spotlight Brand: Henschel Hats

Spotlight Brand: Henschel Hats

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"Henschel Manufacturing Co. is a men’s headwear manufacturer that was founded in 1947. For 67 years, our company has strived to produce superior products at competitive prices, making us a leader in the headwear industry. Our product line caters to a range of consumers, from the fashion forward individual who values quality and style to the outdoor enthusiast that looks for functionality. Our diversity and commitment to high standards of quality have allowed us to secure exclusive headwear licenses with major names including Robert Graham, National Geographic, and Cedric “The Entertainer”.

We are proud to say that much of our product line is still made in the USA, at our factory in southern Missouri. We also have manufacturing partners in Italy, South America, and Asia. This allows us to supply fine Italian made headwear and authentic hand-woven Panama hats from Ecuador, as well as lower cost options from Asia.

With our wide range of options and dedication to customer service, our goal is not simply to meet a client’s expectations, but to continually exceed them." * 


*Source: Henschel Hats Facebook