If you’re the type who likes to show off your style when you’re on the go, you’re definitely going to want a few pairs of FitFlops in your closet. FitFlop is an all-occasion brand, perfect for indoors, outdoors, day or night. You can find a wide selection of FitFlops here at Outdoor Equipped, your go-to outdoor clothing shop and your source for the best in Western styles, active wear and work apparel.

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Why FitFlops?

You may have been choosing your shoes based on standard features such as fit, color and attractiveness. But what if you could get more? That’s what FitFlop shoes offer — style, comfort and rigorously engineered biomechanics to provide you with a scientifically superior wearing experience. Our outdoor gear store stocks dozens of FitFlop shoes, including mukluks, sandals, clogs and more.

You expect shoe companies to employ designers, manufacturers and salespeople, but FitFlop also has a biomechanics expert on staff. Dr. Kim Lilley runs the FitFlop research and development laboratory in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, using her engineering skills to make shoes that offer strength and support, all while looking fabulous.

Many FitFlops wearers swear that not only are their shoes comfortable all day long, but they are often helpful in relieving pain in their back and feet as well.

Additionally, celebrities are frequently spotted wearing the oh-so-trendy FitFlops, including Heidi Klum, Jennifer Garner, Hilary Swank, Nigella Lawson, Jessica Biel and Julianne Moore.

How to Wear Your FitFlops

FitFlops are the ultimate go-to shoe for so many casual occasions. Head off to work or school in a pair of FitFlop clogs, available in black or white. Add a pair of socks when it’s chilly or go without on a warm day. They’re perfect with skinny jeans, straight leg, boot cut or any style.

If you’re just hanging around the house, slip on a pair of FitFlop slippers — they’re even more comfortable than going barefoot. The slippers are lined in soft wool to keep your tootsies toasty, and are sturdy and good-looking enough to wear anywhere, all day long.

For summer, reach for a pair of FitFlop slides, sandals or flip-flops. They’re perfect with shorts, a skirt, a dress or even a bathing suit. Available in black, white, gold, navy and a selection of prints, these kicks will keep you comfy for full a day of work or play.

But there’s more! Our outdoor clothing store also carries FitFlop sneakers, loafers, espadrilles, and ballet flats. We are your one-stop shop for FitFlops.

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